With nearly a million Apps on the iPhone App Store, it is becoming more and more important for you to be knowledgeable enough to pick the best apps available!

These are a few must-have apps for the iPhone. Not the cliches that we all know like Gmail, FaceBook, Instagram, or SnapChat that you’ve probably already decided whether or not to get, but useful apps that will supplement your lifestyle.




BillGUARD (It’s Free!)



It’s a common plague on adult existence, and I’m as guilty as the next person. Not everyone organizes their finances very well, and BillGuard is a very handy tool for iPhone users who weren’t to get their finances squared away. It has a similar format to banking apps like Wells Fargo, USAA, PayPal, or Bank of America. But BillGuard goes further by aiding you in managing your spending and helps to keep you appraised of irregular spending and bills that need to be paid. It can even let you know when you’re spending on services you don’t use much.


Buffer (It’s also free!)


This app helps you to achieve all of your dreams of social media stardom. Buffer works similarly to HootSuite. You can optimize your social media posts for when they’ll be the most effective on hosts like Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. After you’ve posted, it lets you see the statistics of who viewed your post and when.


Google Maps (Also free!)


While the iPhone comes with Apple Maps, Google Maps is just a step above and delivers a fully functioning GPS and map system to your phone, complete with Yelp/ Google reviews to help you with your decisions. Apple Maps is notorious for bad navigation such that Tim Cook even basically recommended Google Maps to everyone.


Fooducate (Also Free)


This is the app for foodies like you and me, it’s a health app the does double duty as an interactive food database. When you’re shopping at the grocery store this app lets you scan the barcode of anything and assigns a grade based on its nutritional value.  This helps you not gamble on food that looks good but may not be good for you. This app paints a picture of everything from calories to weird ingredients that most people won’t recognize off the top of their head.



Sleep Cycle ($1.99)


Sleep Cycle is a fantastic alarm clock that times your wake up time so that you won’t awake feeling groggy or tired. You basically set a time frame, for example between 0500 and 0600, and the app wakes you up when you reach REM sleep for optimal morning performance.


Dropbox (Another Free App!)


Dropbox is one of the premier cloud platforms, mostly because it works so well on every platform. You can save and manage your files on any platform or device you may have. All you need is an internet connection. It also works well in conjunction with Google Drive, allowing you to sync between the two.


Duolingo (Free also!)


Duolingo is a fantastic free language learning app that lets you conveniently learn a new language easily in your spare time. The app is as effective as Rosetta Stone and makes learning any number of new languages easy to access and convenient in whatever spare time you may have. The people behind Duolingo strove to create a free, easy-to-use cloud-based learning app for any language, and they succeeded. It allows you to become an expert in any language you so desire.


MyFitnessPal (Free!)


Fitness pal works great for everyone, from professional athletes to people just try to stay fit. The app works because it sets realistic goals that you can control and set realistic time frames on. Then it gives you very strict guidelines that you have to follow in order to lose weight or maintain fitness. You can keep track of all your meals and any calories you burn from walking to working out. It comes with a huge database of food that lets you accurately track your calories.


Onavo Extend (Free as can be!)


I know that I always use data like it’s water, and this app will help you regulate your data consumption and keep track of how much you use. It’s especially helpful for times when you’re traveling and tend to use data more often. It really helps you not pay that extra data surcharge that’s so annoying.


Spotify (Sort of Free)


This is an absolute must-have. You can play all your favorite music with a thirty-second ad every half hour, or pay the five dollars per month for an ad-free plan. You can even make a playlist and share it with your friends so that all of you can jam out in the car to your favorite tunes. Other apps do a better job of compiling radio stations to listen to like Pandora or making custom stations like Slacker, but Spotify beats everything else on the market in terms of pure premium service.



there are a truly staggering number of apps out there for you to take your pick of, and it can be very overwhelming when you have to pick and choose which to use. Many are free but have in-app purchases that can quickly mount up, so the savvy iPhone user must always be on the lookout for extra charges. But ultimately these few apps are a great start for you, no matter how serious of a phone user you are.

These apps will really help in your day to day life, and allow you to simplify some normally very complicated things. Most of them are fere and provide a number of truly helpful functions in saving money, time, and convenience.

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