Gone are those days of small screens phones, where your thumb could possibly reach all corners without much trouble. If you are thinking of changing your phone’s version to a newer one with a larger screen, the phone finger grip is your smartest choice. The grip comes with a capacity to accommodate iPhone. It is a smart decision to use the phone finger grip with your phone as a protection tool. After saving up so much money to acquire your favorite iPhone, a broken screen is the last thing you want to see.

There are various cheap products that look like ours. But, you get a firmer grip on your phone when you buy the phone finger grip. You can easily hook the fattest finger into the ring and hold conveniently. This product has been given a new fanciful look. It is a sure way to keep your phone closer and reach for it anytime. If you walk at night after and you can’t see your steps properly, the first that your palm grabs are your Smartphone. You can give a firm grip on your fingers while you navigate unfamiliar terrains. The phone finger grip is helpful with a selfie; the camera pinhole has a space that is enough for light to go through. For stability and positioning, the phone finger grip does an excellent work.




1- Comfort

The phone finger grip is a trusted device that has been crafted to give your phone some support with one or two fingers. Your wrist can enjoy a better angle in a regular curve. You can multitask while holding the phone with your finger grip. You can place phone calls and send text messages with one hand. Your mind will be at peace, and you are sure that this priceless phone of yours is in a safe position. When you stay on a bed and lie down, you can lift up your arms, with your finger inside the phone finger grip and perform phone functions with one hand. This improves the way you hold your cell phone, making it simple and secure to use them.


2- Anti Slip

With the anti-slip feature of the phone finger grip, you will have a new experience with this product. In the past, you might have been a serial victim of dropped phone sets. Every now and then, the phone slips off your palm and lands on the hard floor. You are sad when this happens, as you sense a threat to the body and screen of your phone. Your phone is your world, In it, you store millions of data. It could be destabilizing to stay a day without a phone that is under repair. As such, you would be careful. We offer you a product that takes care of your carelessness. There is an anti-slip function in the body of our product. The materials that make up this hard-body plastic material give the anti-slip property for users. The cost of your asset (phone) can diminish as a result of wear and tear. The phone finger grip also protects the body of the phone from going old.

The user can adjust the performing radius when you make use of the phone screen. These are extra features of our product. It is user-friendly and easy to use. Even young adults will find attractive, the colors the product. The colors are stylish as the products having exciting designs. It guarantees a reliable experience as the phone finger grip is non-slippery. The daily grip and clutching of your cell phone now have a new dimension to it.


3- Compatible

The attached grip can fit any device include a tablet or kindles. Big and small Smartphones have their respective sizes available. They come in a varied dimension to suit all users. The Dimensions are measured approximately. The regular dimension for most mobile phone is 7cm x 2.5cm. For an Apple product, the phone finger grip serves all generations of the iPhone. It gives a befitting complimentary style to your Apple phone: S, Plus, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5s, 5C, HTC 10, and so many more.


4- Safety

The most improved design on the phone finger grip is the security feature. It will be difficult to lose your phone to stealing by snatching. The thief will have to snatch your fingers as well. You want to guard your possession at all cost when you think of the value it has.

The phone will remain in a convenient position that makes it a daunting task to steal it.  At a comfortable distance, you no longer flaunt your phone as before. In the past, you had carried your old phone casually. At the time, you misplace it due to your careless handling. Soon after you find under the pillow, you are quick to look for it again. But, with this product, there is no more an old order or that traditional method of holding the phone.

With the one-hand feature, it is possible to grip your phone and hold it close to your face. The ring behind phone finger grip, allows you to be flexible with the way you use your handheld device. While reading, you can change the position or layout of your tablet. Furthermore, you can switch from one palm to the other seamlessly. While reading prints from any device, the phone finger grip allows you to adjust the screen closer to your face. You can see your immediate surrounding like the screen of your Smartphone.

There are times when people watch clips on their phone while walking on a road with bad terrain. If the person mistakenly steps into a bad spot on the road, he reaches first to protect his phone from falling off his hands. The phone finger grip enables the user to lock the accessory with 2 fingers and prevent it from slipping onto the ground. You are always aware of future happenings that will make a bad impact on your phone. Invariably, you are watching out for other phone users as well.


5- Selfie made easy

With The finger grip phone holder transforms the manner with which your phone is held you hold your device. This innovation excites all phone lovers. It gives respite to the fingers of phone enthusiast who are watching YouTube videos, uploading selfies on Instagram or chatting on Facebook. There has never been a time when phone-gripping is seamless. You can stick the grip onto the rear of your Smartphone and take in your finger(s) through the plastic holder. You can extend your fingers to activate the camera at the front conveniently. It is easier to pick all the functions on your camera screen when taking a selfie. The convenience of doing this with a single hand is what gives the user some happiness.


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