There are hardcore PC gamers, console gamers, and even phone gamers. If you’re one of the latter, then you’re probably overwhelmed by the multitude of games on the app store.


This article goes over a few of the best selections for iPhone gamers to get them started.


Hitman GO

Hitman games are notorious for their open-ended sandbox playing styles. Their best products let you creep around and creatively take out your mark. You have to be creative in your approach to finding the target, and the actual act of taking him out.


Hitman GO doesn’t really do this, but it lets you solve a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. These levels, if you will, are hard but not so hard that you can’t finish one off in the space of a bus ride.


This game is a good match for Hitman fans, people who fiend for puzzles, and those imaginative who wonder what it would be like for a board game piece to assassinate another game piece.  

Super Mario Run

In this game, sort of like Temple Run, Super Mario runs forward on his own and your job as the player is to tap the touch screen and make him jump over obstacles and get coins. There are hundreds of coins per level, and each level has a more complex configuration of coins that requires more skill in timing and executing Super Mario’s jumps. There are touchpads that stop Super Mario in his path, each level has multiple paths to reach the objective, and bounce pads the enhance some of the jumps that Super Mario can make.


This game is good for people who love Mario, touchscreen game enthusiasts, and those perfectionists who love to replay levels to perfection.

The Witness

In this game, the player is alone on an island and surrounded by a variety f different puzzles. Some of them are obvious and very easy to complete, but others are much harder to find and complete. The easy puzzles are stacked in front of the player in ordered rows, while the other, more difficult, puzzles are hard to find and will confound even the most adept puzzle-solver.


Unlike some other games, The Witness translates nicely to the mobile phone. And there are few moments the satisfy the mobile gamer than to successfully complete one of Witness’ stymieing puzzles.


The Witness is a good game for anyone who loves puzzles, Myst lovers, and those curious what modern evolution looks like.


80 Days

This game is a recreation of Jules Verne’s classic Around the World in 80 Days. Whether by land, airship, boat, or even massive mechanized city on legs… it’s up to you to figure out how to get around the world in 80 days. The player plays the part of the manservant to Phineas Fogg, making you responsible for packing bags, negotiating prices, and planning the journey around the world.


This is a good game for people who enjoy interactive stories, and fans of travel. It’s also a lot of fun for die-hard Jules Verne fans.


Legend of Grimrock

This game is a throwback to some of the older dungeon diving RPGs like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder. The player controls a party of four adventurers as they fight through a complex, maze-like dungeon to beat the boss at the end, and escape. The game does a fantastic job of making the classic RPG phone-playable and makes enjoyment almost a certainty.


This game will be a lot of fun for die-hard RPG fans, and anyone looking for an involved dungeon dive on a long bus ride.



Threes is a game about math. The player combines numbers of the same value when they are next to each other and create bigger numbers. The game formats the combination of the numbers as a sort of kissing, making the game absolutely charming. This is a fiendishly addicting game that will provide hours upon hours of entertainment for the player.


This is a great game for phone gamers looking for a simple puzzle or anyone who likes to compete with their friends for high scores.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This game is very similar to Magic: The Gathering, albeit far more addicting and much more fun. Hearthstone is much less complicated than Magic: The Gathering is, and the t=streamlined playstyle makes the game that much easier to pick up. You can play online, offline, or against your friends who also have the game.


This is a great match for people who like Magic, fans of Blizzard games, and for people who don’t want to pay money to have a lot of fun on their phones.


A Dark Room

In this game you start out in a dark room, the first step is to start a fire, and from there you grow and develop in a sandbox fashion. This is the kind of game that saying any more would spoil the fun. This game grows wildly past its origins as a simple game.


This game is great for gamers who like management games, sandbox games, or fans of a little bit of mystery in their fun.

Ridiculous Fishing

This game makes fishing as ridiculous as the title would suggest. It somehow mashes together guns and fishing, making for hours of ridiculous fun.  This game does away with the tedious monotony that is bait-fishing and makes it fun and interactive.


This game is great for people who don’t mind looking a little crazy in front of others as you twist and turn your phone in wild pursuit of new levels of killing fish.




These are just a few of the great games available for hours of fun on your iphone. As you grow more experienced in iPhone gaming, you’ll find and discover your own favorites. There are, after all, hundreds of fun games on the App Store.

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