Apple launched its latest iPhones on the ten-year anniversary of their inception. Now with a few months to go till their next release, it’s the ideal time to grab a new phone.


The iPhone 8 came with a new camera system and glass back for wireless charging. But the iPhone X was the one that came with the biggest updates and new, cutting-edge features. It offers an edge to edge super retina display, depth sensing front camera and facial recognition.


The new iPhones are very competitive in their specs, and their elegant IOS make them more efficient in the use of their hardware than almost any other phone on the market.


However these come at around a thousand dollars a pop, and for those of you on a budget, that may be too much at the moment. The company is still selling some of its older iPhones which are still good quality and work well with the new IOS 12.



  • IOS 12


When announcing IOS 12, apple said that it will give Ipads and iPhones some cool new features to play with. According to Apple, the new update focuses on faster performance for all devices. The update will make phones going all the way back to the Iphone 5S much faster and easier to manage.


The keyboard will be much faster and smoother to open, the camera faster and more precise, and the overall performance more on par with modern devices. There are a few new features too like the ability to group notifications together, renovated Stocks App, and a novel new Books app.


For those of you who feel that you spend too much time on your phone, there is an important new feature for you too. Screen time will let you see how much time you spend on your phone, each app in general, and even set limits on screen time for each app. These limits can also be expanded to cover your family members too. This could be the solution to your annoying phone addiction.


Apple is also updating its Do Not Disturb mode, making it so that you can control the times when you don’t receive notifications.


The new update, IOS 12 is available today with all these changes mentioned.



iPhone X


The iPhone X comes with a phenomenal display and is extremely powerful, but is a huge jump in price from previous models and doesn’t come with a fast charger.


Until the release of the iPhone X, we would have been shocked at the idea of an Apple phone costing around $1000. Yet the new iPhone makes it worth it, with its cutting-edge features and impressive specs. The phone itself is gorgeous, and truly look high-tech.


The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever released by Apple, but in this case you truly get what you pay for. The phone features an almost bezel-less design and has enough high-tech features to shake a stick at.


Some of the highlighted features are the hugely improved battery life of the new iPhone, a new and improved telephoto camera, and Face ID that lets you use your face instead of a password or fingerprint to unlock your phone.


If you want a new iPhone and cost is no issue, then the iPhone X is the new must-have tech.



  • iPhone 8 Plus


The iPhone 8 Plus comes with a large screen, much-improved battery life, and fantastic speakers. But at the same time it’s a very big phone, with the same boring design as all the other iPhones.


The iPhone 8 Plus isn’t as new or exciting as the iPhone X but is still a piece of high-quality hardware, at a more decent price.


The phone is one of the fastest available because of its A11 Bionic CPU, and its 12-megapixel camera makes it great for taking photographs.


The phone comes with the ability for Qi wireless charging but doesn’t come with its own pad. The True Tone tech in the display will also adjust the temperature of the colors for the environment you’re in.




the new iPhones are some of the greatest buys on the market, even if the 8 Plus is just an upgrade from last year’s 7. At the same time, you can still buy older iPhones with less impressive specs, but at a more affordable price. These older phones will still be updatable to the new IOS later this year.


The new iPhones don’t have a headphone jack like the older ones, so if you’re still a fan of the classics then there’s really no reason to upgrade. The new cameras are fantastic and make all your photography look very professional.


The iPhones come with a design and usability that few other phones can mimic, and as always, their new phones are very competitive in their performance and high-tech features.

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