You can find our selection of the best iPhone 7 and 7 Plus LCD screens here. The article below will help you learn more about these LCD screens and their installation.



  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Compatible with iPhone 7 and 7 plus.
  • Brand new, never used (check for broken seal).
  • No additional accessory like camera bezel and speaker mesh.
  • We do not send iPhone 7 home button assembly with the product.
  • Apply adhesive proportionately on the matching area of the screen to be replaced. Do the same for glass frame.



  • All iPhone 7 and 7 plus



  • LIFETIME Warranty – Please Follow our Return Policy to make refund or exchange.


Are you fed up with the abundance of substandard iPhone LCD screens? Do you always notice a cracked screen after your phone lands on the floor? We offer you a product that is rugged and durable. It does not crack or break when it falls on the floor. We have carefully selected this LCD screen for all our clients. If you are looking for a chance to learn LCD replacement tips, this would be a great opportunity.

Our product is genuinely sourced from OEMs and other manufacturers. We ensure that the product reaches you in one piece. Before shipment, we look at the final details on the product. Customer experience must be positive. This is our goal, we give consumers the best. The 7s iPhone LCD screen is the ideal replacement for your shattered screen. Customers who have purchased this product have come back again for other purchase.


iPhone 7 is a 4.7-inch size and iPhone 7 plus is 5.5-inch size. Both LCD screens have similar features and methods of installation. With our iPhone 7 and 7plus LCD screen, you can replace and repair faulty screens. Find our screens useful when you experience screen display problems, blank pixels, cracked LCD screens, and wrong color issues. This item is without home button, camera, earpiece. Please check carefully before buying. Each screen passes a test before shipping.

The product comes as a package with necessary tools for fixing the new screen. Please check the item appearance carefully at the first time the product gets to you, confirm whether there is appearance breakage. If you have any problems, do not delay, contact us as we will resolve it for you soon. If you want to do the installation yourself you can get our walkthrough videos on YouTube. Please note there will be many loose screws when you replace the assembly.

You have to pay attention to details because they are of different sizes and length. You should mark them or risk breaking your screen if you put the screw in wrong place. Please if you don’t have enough experience replacing iPhone screen give it to an expert to install the screen. If you follow this instruction, you will avoid any unplanned damage to your accessory. This item is 100% Inspected by professional QC team before shipping, 30-days return policy & warranty.

Installation Tips

  1. You should ensure that you have gone through our YouTube guide, or must be knowledgeable in replacing iPhone LCD screens. Keep all loose screws separately to avoid looking for them later.
  2. You will find out that the digitizer assembly and the retina LCD are of similar quality and material like the bad screen on your device. Look closely at the flex the cables before installation. Also, check if the screen is clear and clean for stains and specks of dirt. If not, wipe the surface of the iPhone 7 screen with a clean piece of cloth dabbed in a portion of methylated spirit. The phone screen is a surface that accommodates dried fluids, grease, oils, and many other residues.

3 Take another look at the screen, make sure other junk that is on the screen is cleaned off. Then, turn off the Smartphone and begin the installation process.

  1. Test your flex connector by linking with the motherboard before installation. When testing, try to notice a gentle snap. If you are unable to get a gentle snap, try again. To ensure the cable is connected properly, understand the steps to follow.

While installing, please follow these steps below if your iPhone encounters any issue that is related to screen insensitivity, inability to power on, distorted visual images, and many strange issues.


Be careful not to apply excessive portions of adhesives. An adhesive in the eyes can lead to blindness, ensure that you use plenty of water when you mistakenly get some close to your face. The most important step to take while installing the LCD screen is to avoid breaking the new screen carelessly.

  1. Ensure that you put off the iPhone before installation as you do not want an electric shock.

No protection & Inappropriate installation may cause injury. Please follow installation guide step by step.

  1. Check bubble bag before opening it. If found break, Please contact the Seller for exchange.
  2. Please switch off the iPhone to avoid any electrical injury before installation.

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