Click here to check our selection of iPhone 5, 5c and 5S LCD screens. The article below will let you know more about their features, warranty and installation tips.


  •         The LCD screen is of a quality product that is durable and sourced from reputable OEMs.
  •         It is for screen problems associated with poor display, not responding properly, distortion pixels, wrong color issue and old LCD, not responding properly, distortion pixels, wrong color issue and old LCD
  •         A brand new replacement screen that is compatible with iPhone 5, 5C and 5S screen frames.
  •         The package that you will receive after purchase will not come with a front camera bezel, an iPhone 5 home button assembly or a speaker mesh.
  •         Install the LCD digitizer frame with a pack of cool adhesive. Harsh adhesives can complicate installation process. to easily attach the LCD and digitizer with glass frame, understand the installation guides.
  •         Non-abrasive, waterproof and scratch-resistant product for your iPhone 5 or 5C or 5S LCD screen.


  • Lifetime warranty – Please Follow our Return Policy to get an exchange or a refund.


  • All iPhone 5 (Not iPhone 5S), All iPhone 5S (Not iPhone 5), All iPhone 5C (Not iPhone 5 / 5S)


Replacement screen for iPhone 5/5C/5S is used to fix faulty LCD display screen (display problem, not responding properly, distortion pixels, wrong color issue, and old LCD). It is optional to include a full assembly replacement with a home button, front camera, ear speaker, and repair tools along with a replacement screen for iPhone 5, 5c and 5s. The replacement LCD screen for iPhone 5/5C/5S comes respectively to suit the version of your iPhone 5.


It is important to know the model of your iPhone, as this will ensure that you avoid the purchase of a wrong LCD screen for your iPhone. You will find our product to be durable and able to withstand high impact from forceful objects. The replacement LCD screen for iPhone 5, 5C and 5S  is a great product for your scratched or damaged screen. At a pocket-friendly cost, this LCD display and touch screen digitizer is the best replacement screen for a damaged touch screen and the LCD display at the same time.


Each screen has gone through some series of tests before shipping and they are 100% working, brand new with a enhanced quality.

Installation Tips:


This installation tips is applied to all IPhone 5/5C/5S.

  1.  Ensure that as a buyer, you check the new LCD screen to be sure it was not tampered with while in transit.
  2.   If you are not a trained phone technician, find a walkthrough video for changing iPhone 5 LCD screen on YouTube, make sure you understand the tutorial before getting started.

There are a lot of these tutorials online, find what suits your purpose.

  1.   Be sure that your power is powered off to avoid any damage before your installation.
  2.   Ensure that you have read and understood the installation tutorial or the manual attached to your new iPhone 5 LCD screen shipment.
  3.   This is where you have to be extra-vigilant. When loosening the screws of your device, place all of them respectively with their different size and length. You should not mix them up as you would find it tough to distinguish. A wrongly positioned screw will damage the new iPhone 5 screen.
  4.   Carry out this replacement reduce and remove any level of static charges. Ensure that your work area is an electrostatic discharge (ESD) free environment. To achieve this, use an anti-static installation table mat, or an anti-static wrist strap to prevent any ESD damage to the iPhone 5 device. The effect of ESD is a white and black strip line that can damage your device.

If you are not sure that you can handle the installation process, you can make use of the services of a properly trained technician.

  1.  Use an installation tape to protect any exposed metal part of the connections around the LCD connector flex cable.
  2.   Since the LCD screen assembly is fragile, you the technician who wishes to complete this installation should handle the parts carefully. There should be no cracks on the corners of the new screen and sensitive portions below the flex connector cables.
  3.    Do not wait to find dust particles before you use a soft piece of clean napkin. Clean off particulate dust, residues of adhesives, and other contaminants in between the motherboard and the flex connector cables. Be sure to use some methylated spirit or alcohol on the napkin.
  4.   The connector flex is an important piece that is sensitive, it connects the display screen with the iPhone 5 pane. Take care while handling, do not break or bend this cable.
  5.   Ensure a tight connection with the flex cable inside its socket. When you hear a “click” sound, it is properly done. To socket the flex connector, do not apply force, the pins on the flex connector are made to fit into the socket seamlessly.

Problems may occur after installation:


If a problem occurs due to Screen could not turn on, touch with no response, flashing screen, lines on the screen, then ensure you check on the following listed below.


  1. Check the connection of flex cables and ensure there is no debris on the connectors.
  2. Unplug and plug the flex cables (including the battery cable).
  3. Carry out a hard reset by holding the home button, Volume-up button,  and power button. Do this until your iPhone 5 has been powered off,  and then put on the device.
  4. After installation, clean the LCD screen surface with alcohol to take out static charges.

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