The purpose of buying the iPad mini screen glass is to be able to give a replacement for your shattered screen. All the parts needed for replacement is sold with this product. The mini screen glass has a pack of adhesive, sealed for installation. The glue is a high-quality adhesive that does not fail.

  •         A brand-new replacement screen glass for any iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2. and iPad mini 4.
  •         This part does not include the front camera bezel and speaker mesh and home button assembly
  •         Using Cool Glue to assemble the LCD and Digitizer with Glass Frame.
  •         Quality: High Copy / OEM
  • Quality: High Copy / OEM
  • Using Cool Glue to assemble the LCD and Digitizer with Glass Frame

The blank home button has a flex connector that is used during the installation process. There is no need for extensive work like soldering flex connectors. Our product comes with immense benefits.



  • All iPad mini 3 or iPad mini 4 screen glass (any version)


It does not take more than 10 minutes to take off the old screen and replace with the new iPad mini screen glass. The package includes the adhesive, home button flex, and iPad mini screen glass.



We have great faith in  our product, ensuring that each part is tested before shipment. Our customers satisfaction is our major concern in giving them the best.

  •         It is the Perfect replacement for your shattered iPad mini. The glass face matches your original iPad mini screen front panel.

Has your iPad mini screen glass become cracked or stopped working? We offer you an original product that is strong and durable. It is fool-proof and protects your iPad against the major impact that other products cannot provide. For mobile phone engineer who is in the business of replacing iPad screens, they will find this product easy to install. If they follow the replacement guide and use the recommended set of tools, in less than 10 minutes, installation is complete.

The cracked glass screen which is called “the digitizer” of your iPad mini can be substituted for a brand new one that is scratch-proof. When successfully installed, the beauty of your iPad mini device becomes a new look. The iPad mini screen glass is compactly built with durable parts that are environmentally safe for your usage.

When you experience a smashed screen, the new iPad mini screen is easy to replace. Just take out the home button assembly as this is the most important replacement part. Peel off the smashed glass with care. Then, select an appropriate screen that matches the shape and size of your iPad mini. It is better to get things right before starting the installation. Take the plastic digitizer and clean with methylated spirit. This is to remove dirt and other impurities that will disturb the new fitting if they stick with the digitizer.

After cleaning the digitizer surface and the iPad’s screen, take out old portions of adhesive. You can do this by applying any special solvent that takes off hard gummy particles.

Apply little portions of adhesives onto the plastic screen protector. Ensure you maintain the given perimeter while applying some glue. Do not apply adhesives in the middle or any other vital area of the screen. Apply around the perimeter, some portions of glue. Then, place the digitizer to the corresponding area of your iPad mini screen.


Apply mild heat to soften the adhesive which will thin out and cover those areas where the fluid glue could not reach. You can use a soft non-abrasive cloth to wipe off the surface and hold for some seconds. The digitizer is firm on the iPad mini screen after some few minutes. The surface is not tidy after both screens stick together. Use some alcohol or methylated spirit to clean off any leftovers from old and new portions of adhesive.

Installing a new iPad mini screen glass is easy and not complicated. Tutorial videos are available online to guide you through the installation. Our mini screen product has been researched and engineer to have tamper-proof features. You certainly do not want to see scratches on the surface of your phone’s screen. This is why our product comes with the scratch-proof property. The iPad mini screen is an important part of your Smartphone.

This is because every time you require your phone to process details, you do so by touching your screen. Your digital keypads are the most accessed parts of your device. Hence, there is a user interface with all parts of your Smartphone.

That screen glass extends its usefulness by acting as a shield to the sensitive parts of the iPad like the flex, speaker, and panel. You will need our screen glass if your iPad mini falls into water or affected by environmental factors. If you find your screen having scratches, it is time to change it and have a clearer screen glass.

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