If you are an iPhone 4 or 4S user, it can get hard sometimes to find a good LCD screen. We’ve made this easier for you with our selection of the best iphone 4 and 4s LCD screens in the market. The article below will help you discover these screens, and learn more about their features and installation.



  • Quality: AA
  • This part will only work on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
  • A brand-new replacement screen for any iPhone 4/4S.
  • This part does not include the front camera bezel and speaker mesh.
  • This iPhone 4/4S display assembly is assembled with original material. It works as well as the original LCD assembly.
  • This part does not include the iPhone 4/4S Home Button Assembly.
  • Use Cool Glue to assemble the LCD and Digitizer with Glass Frame.
  • This iPhone 4/4S LCD Screen and Digitizer includes small parts pre-installed in the assembly, saving time and increasing the quality of your repair.
  • Part is as pictured
  • Installation instructions & tools are NOT included
  • Save yourself money by using these parts



  • All iPhone 4 users and iPhone 4S users


  •  LIFETIME Warranty – Please Follow our Return Policy to make refund or exchange.


– Use a card pin to push out the SIM card holder

– Remove the screws, use the sucker, pry tools and crowbars to open the screen carefully

– Remove the battery and battery flex cable

– Remove the screen assembly accessories and now the disassembly work is completed

– Installation steps shall be carried out in accordance with the reverse steps

– Package weight: 0.159 kg

– Package Size (L x W x H): 21.50 x 11.00 x 3.50 cm / 8.46 x 4.33 x 1.38 inches


Screen Size: 3.5 inches

Display Type: LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16Mcolors

Resolution: 640 x 960 pixels (330 ppi pixel density)

Color: White or black

Connector Type: Clip

Protective Material: Corning Gorilla Glass, oleophobic coating

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4/4S


How to install / Tips

  • These parts are hermetically attached; special tools and skills are required for replacement.
  • The flex cable of this iPhone 4/4S LCD display assembly is very sensitive and easily damaged. Please handle carefully during installation.
  • Use an installation tape to protect any exposed metal part of the connections around the LCD connector flex cable.
  •      Since the LCD screen assembly is fragile, you the technician who wishes to complete this installation should handle the parts carefully. There should be no cracks on the corners of the new screen and sensitive portions below the flex connector cables.
  •      Do not wait to find dust particles before you use a soft piece of clean napkin. Clean off particulate dust, residues of adhesives, and other contaminants in between the motherboard and the flex connector cables. Be sure to use some methylated spirit or alcohol on the napkin.
  •      The connector flex is an important piece that is sensitive, it connects the display screen with the iPhone 4/4S pane. Take care while handling, do not break or bend this cable.
  •      Ensure a tight connection with the flex cable inside its socket. When you hear a “click” sound, it is properly done. To socket the flex connector, do not apply force, the pins on the flex connector are made to fit into the socket seamlessly.
  •   The installation of this iPhone 4S LCD and digitizer assembly with frame should be done by a qualified person. ETS is not responsible for any damage caused during installation.


IPhone 4 has a typical height of 4.5 inches, weight 137 grams and iPhone 4S is also of height 4.5-inch with weight 140 grams. These products as described, match your expectations as a high-quality screen. It is ideal for that replacement and will be a great match for your iPhone screen. If you are not a professional repairman, you may need to watch some installation videos to make sure that you are able to install properly.


The iPhone 4 and 4S LCD screen we sell is recommended as a replacement for broken screens. The product does not come with pre-installed proximity holder, camera ring, net-receiver, and home button save time and labor for removing these parts, accelerating the repairing process. It is easy to install.


Save money and extend the life of your phone by replacing your damaged, cracked, shattered screen, or broken screens with high-quality LCD screen ensures high stability of LCD. If you want to install the screen by yourself, please follow the directions we provided in the email; otherwise, please ask professional to help you install it. Carry out this replacement reduce and remove any level of static charges.


Ensure that your work area is an electrostatic discharge (ESD) free environment. To achieve this, use an anti-static installation table mat, or an anti-static wrist strap to prevent any ESD damage to the iPhone 4/4S device. The effect of ESD is a white and black strip line that can damage your device. If you are not sure that you can handle the installation process, you can make use of the services of a properly trained technician. We have great faith in our products and it is all you need for the replacement of your damaged screen.


All our products have been tested before shipping so it is guaranteed. Customer service is our most priority so please feel free to email us if you meet any issues. We will try our best to offer you a satisfying resolution.

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